• Frozen lake at Colonel Denning State Park.
  • Sunrise in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Sunset in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Tami at Mending Roots Wellness

From East to West!

It’s been about a month since I have officially become a transplant to the North Coast. My life is still adjusting and that should be expected; moving your whole life across the country is no easy task. My husband has been in Humboldt County since June 2017 to start his new job, while I stayed back in Pennsylvania to start the transition of leaving the east coast for the west coast. Change, although what we wanted, has still been hard at times. I have dubbed this move, the bittersweet move.

I left a lot of friends and family back in Pennsylvania and I miss them dearly. I absolutely love watching the sunrise and sunset in the area I lived in. Truly amazing, if you catch it on the right day! Pennsylvania had its own sort of natural beauty and I’m glad I got to explore and hike, to feel the land I was standing in. I will miss being a daily part of Mending Roots Wellness and all of my clients that I had to pass on to new hands. I am thankful for my time of growing in Pennsylvania, all the connections I made, giving birth to my children at home in the woods, the trails my feet took me on, beginning my love of wild edibles, being able to visit many cities (most were only a 3-hour ride away from me), growing older with my husband, and the list can go on. My eyes will keep forward but I will always remember and be thankful for (good and bad), what has brought me to where I am now.

So with all of that being said, I love it here in Humboldt County! It’s where I feel like my next chapter needs to happen and I’m looking forward to just what that will bring for me. When my husband and I took a round trip two summers ago and we spent time in the redwoods, I knew that this area is where I had to be. When we left, I felt a loss, like I did not want to leave, I had no idea at that time that I would be making a big move to come back. I am a big believer in the law of attraction and what we are capable of manifesting.

Right now, I am exactly where I need to be and I can’t wait to see what will unfold for me.

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